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CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

Whether you want to ride an automatic moped or a geared motorcycle, your first step is to complete the training course known as CBT. This allows you to ride on the road with L-plates.

For some, riding with L-plates is the ideal route to gain experience to help you to pass your full motorcycle licence quickly and cheaply at a later date. For others riding with L-plates will give you all the freedom you need, with no need to carry out any further training.

CBT starts with discussion sessions about clothing, maintenance and what you are likely to encounter on the road. Then we spend time in a controlled off-road environment to learn how to control your machine.

Once we are satisfied you have completed these steps successfully you take to the roads with guidance from an experienced and DSA accredited instructor.

The instructor is constantly assessing your progress and your ability to keep yourself safe. When you reach the standard required you will be issued your CBT certificate. This training course is usually completed in 1 day. The CBT certificate entitlement typically lasts for two years.


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